Om skovstien

En skulpturel skovsti. Stien er under udarbejdelse og ventes færdig i 2021. 42 m x 2 m x 40 cm. Bestilt af statens kunstråd i Sverige. Herunder den tekst der fulgte med den nu godkendte skitse.

This sculpture takes the shape of a long elevated horizontal concrete trail through the woods. An artistic shortcut that creates a contrast to nature, while at the same time, growing in with its surroundings.

You are moving from a to b. Walking in your own thoughts about what happens now or something completely different.
Sometimes you are moving without even noticing your surroundings and the sculpture is just a flat convenient surface to walk on.
At other times you are more attentive, and then you will notice the powerful relief effects that extend along the sides in the entire length of the trail.
If you need a break, you can rest where the relief rises to the height of a seat, or you can simply sit down on the path itself with your feet in the grass.

The path goes straight through the area. Its created for soldiers who in their dna want to go forward. The direct direction also makes a contrast to nature where everything is rounded, and a connection to the the network of roads, and other practical installations in the area.
At two places there is small arches build in to bring the path around big trees.
These arches are set in order to allow for some more brutal sculptural manipulations. It's also a poetic reminder that the shortest route is rarely an opportunity over longer stretches simply because something always comes in the way.

The work has a similarity to nature but at the same time its completely different.
It interacts with nature in some places where shapes and forms disappears like kamoflage down between the roots and rocks on the forest floor.
But its a path made of concrete. Grey elements in continuation from of each other that forceses everything else aside so that we as humans can perform what we find rationally necessary.
It can be understood simply as a practical measure, a shortcut that brings people quicker forward, or you can understand it as a sculpture to walk and sit on.
Or a mix of the two.
I hope that the repetition, that people walks on it again and again in their everyday lifes, helps them feel comfortable with the expression.
To relax, look at it, and form their own reflections.